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I work in a kitchen in an office once a week and the delivery driver delivers my orders for the week. He is 50 to 55, where 42 more than five feet 00 with 44dd tits fifth a few times I caught him a sly look at my tits have to know a little stick in my uniform for a day, wat is presented and know that fuckingfreemovies I would be in the kitchen on my own I decided that I try to put a little pink thong flash on my four I could my white uniform when I lean. waiting at the door I see the stairs to the kitchen, so he went to the fridge and bent as if he opens the door, was to have a good view of my uniform. I heard the door open and then nothing, so they fuckingfreemovies had gathered to enjoy the view, so I was bent over for fuckingfreemovies a minute. Then he rose and turned to see him standing there, no cum salute u heard he looked at me and smiled, I smiled back and walk through the pool, looking back, where I could not me, but cC I was able to force the setting you had in your pants. I signed the papers and left. i text my husband told her what he had done, sent me a text again called me a whore naughty and my pussy was wet was told that he knows that the driver was looking at my uniform. The next week came and I'm hoping to appear on my driver. I sink, if you listen quietly to the door, look around and c the guy was standing there before he has the same view that in the week, but this week I have a better vision than expected. i fuckingfreemovies scream says that tomorrow morning fuckingfreemovies and bring up my order and go with him to sign papers for me, but nowadays I tend to check my order, I have my bra be removed before they are free as my 44dd, so if he can bend over c down at my uniform, my boobs, I know he likes me to stay in this area for about 30 seconds, so he gets a good look. I get up to catch him looking at my chest, smile and say well that's all sign the working paper. He smiles and says : Maybe I can get a cup of tea next week i smile and say, wait and supply c wats next week is going to swallow and is adjusting his pants i text my husband to tell wat i that texts me back hope others do shameless whore Fick to your home or for u know wat happens next week when my driver appears when u want
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